Contact Centre Technology

Contact centre technology solutions to transform your performance and customer and employee experience

Our practitioners seek to co-design, procure, implement and support a contact centre platform that is scalable, secure and delivers lasting business benefits.


What we do

We provide call centre consulting and professional services in Australia to design, procure, implement and manage call centre technology. With decades of experience and proven methodologies, you can rapidly and safely deliver your business objectives while satisfying your customers. What differentiates us is the combination of:

  • customer experience research and design 
  • contact centre consultants and operational capability in Australia
  • contact centre technology leadership, solution architecture and project leadership capability

This unique blend helps us provide relevant advice to design a right-fit contact centre technology that is future-proofed, scalable and agile.  Further, we provide ongoing reviews and proactively management to continue to optimise the value of your technology investment.

Our practitioners have been working in the industry for decades designing and implementing some of the most complex and visionary contact centre platforms.  With our CX and data focus we are confident we can deliver a solution that is right for you.  Our team are passionate about making a difference with both the proven old and innovative new contact centre solutions.

Solution benefits

Our deeply experienced call centre solution architects use human centred design, operational expertise and business objective focus to design a contact centre solution that is relevant and effective.

This ensures your investment gets the greatest sustainable benefits to customers and the business with a rapid financial return. 

Improved Customer Satisfaction

We use customer centred service design to create better customer experiences that lead to customer satisfaction, customer retention, increased recommendations and repurchases.

Business Objective Impact

Our services focus on your business objectives and brand to materially impact the vision and targets of your organisation.

Using our contact centre experts will help you get the most from your solutions.

Financial Return

Rapid return on your investment in our services. We deliver more capacity, lower cost to serve, lower cost for the customer and/or revenue growth.

Our architects provide confidence to make the right financial decisions during procurement.

Sustainable Improvements

With templates, tools and coaching we provide the necessary toolkit to handover sustained customer experience improvements.

We seek to embed our solutions into technology, support services and knowledge bases. We have change capability to maximise adoption and embed technology.

Our services

Six step Contact Centre Technology Implementation Solution

We have a six-step process to consider call centre technology.  We can help with any or all steps of this process.

We walk you through a thorough checklist covering goals, strategy, business requirements of UC and CC, metrics used and current vs future state.

We work with you to design your future state architecture best suited to your business / operation / service.

Effective and efficient communication of your requirements to a targeted group of appropriate vendors, carriers and potential integrators is critical.  This ensures you get the most appropriate solution proposed for your consideration.

Logical selection between two or more technically complex proposals can be daunting without roles, processes and tools for screening.  We show you how to prioritise, rate, trial and ultimately negotiate the best deal.

Armed with all this new information and skill sets, you are now prepared to manage your team through this period of tremendous change.  After all, you are replacing the whole front door of your business.  If you and your team are too busy running the day-to-day business, don’t worry, we can work with you side-by-side to manage the project.

Functional analysis of past, present and future trends is required to manage performance, facilitate growth and prepare for changes in your business.

Consulting and Professional Services

We also offer a range of consulting services to assist you no matter where you are in the transformation journey

Organisations use less than 20% of the existing contact centre technology functionality they have and are unable to use new technologies that could transform their services as they just don’t know about them. 

Our call centre health check is designed to review your business objectives, customer experience and technology to share with you the features you have and the opportunities available. Often features are already available at no extra cost that make a material difference to the centre, team and customers.

With our customer experience research and design capability we have a solution that co-designs the future optimal customer experience and service blueprint. We underpin this optimised service with technology to enable it.  In doing so we build a right-fit contact centre technology platform for the business and customers.

We collect requirements and co-design a complete integrated call centre technology solution including telephony, CRM, knowledge, workforce planning, employee and business management, reporting and more. 

Contact Centre Consulting to design call centre technology strategy and architecture. 

Professional services to procure, project plan, manage change and implement the integrated call centre platform with your chosen partners.

We provide specialist professional services to integrate and develop solutions that are not available in market.

Independent quarterly review of technology with annual strategy and roadmap. 

We bring all the vendors of your contact centre technology together, plan a session around your business needs and objective and workshop how you can gain the most value from your investment. This helps you stay ahead of innovation and maximising the value of your contact centre technology platform.

We manage software and hardware purchases with our independent regular review wrapped in. This way you optimise your investment to get the best value and can rest assured you are not over or underpaying for your contact centre platform.

Our products

Products that are designed to improve customer experience

CXiaaS is a real-time reporting and analytics tool that presents a dashboard of service statistics. It includes over 130 connectors to call centre technology and cloud technology out of the box that can be connected to your existing BI tools.

Our Connectors extract data from your telephony and service tools to provide a centralised service database for your corporate BI tools to connect to and analyse data. With a lean design, data is collected in near real-time from 130+ connectors and service technologies. If a tool you have does not have a connector we will develop and integrate it too.

Unified Desktop is a cloud desktop tool that provides one place for customer service representatives to manage enquiries. It is an interface for staff to collect, view and execute customer requests. The application simplifies representative tasks by reducing fields, automating activities and presenting the next best action. Making the work more accurate, efficient and enjoyable for your agents.

Rapid Response Care is a prebuilt contact centre you can deploy rapidly. The contact centre includes people, processes, technology and premises. The base operating processes are award-winning industry best practices embedded in the technology. With contracts in place to rapidly employ staff and facilities under our leadership we can ensure you can bring to life a contact centre within days. Helping to manage peaks in volume, your next contact centre deployment, testing new services or preparing for outsourcing.  

Our industry practices

Specialist practices for relevant industry expertise

Specialists in commercial and not-for-profit businesses. Having lead award winning organisations we are deeply experienced practitioners.

With over 30 years experience providing solutions to all levels of Government in Australia. We are recognised for our ability to bring together multiple stakeholders and manage sensitive initiatives.

We are specialists in the Health, Aged Care, Disability Care and General Care industry. An industry that requires subject matter experts to have deep clinical care and health knowledge to able to provide relevant solutions.

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