Customer Science Group

Bringing your customer and digital vision to life

An Australian Customer Experience and Digital Transformation Company.

You have access to practitioners who research, advise, deliver and enable your organisations global leading services. You get results with our ability to help with process, people, technology and data.

Your Benefit

Our services provide you with measurable and sustainable benefits.

Typically, our services yield a return on investment within 6 months, providing you with sustainable benefits for both your customers and your business, free of cost.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions use a customer-centric approach to enhance customer experiences. This boosts customer ease, satisfaction, retention, leading to more referrals, repurchases, and value.

Business Objective Impact

Our services assist in achieving your business objectives. We carefully consider and co-design strategies to align with your vision, mission, business KPIs, brand, and values to ensure maximum impact.

Return on Investment

Our services provide a rapid return on investment, resulting in increased business capacity, reduced cost to serve, improved customer value, and/or revenue growth

Sustainable Improvements

We offer a comprehensive toolkit that includes templates, tools, information management, and coaching to develop people and lock-in the benefits of your customer experience and digital solutions.

CX & Digital Vision Benefit Realisation.

We consult with you to design a tailor plan that will realise your specific customer experience and digital vision or target a pain point you have in your organisation today.  

You can get help with your customer and digital needs:

1) Transform or optimise.
2) Independent planning & reviews 
3) Fixing a specific challenge

Our approach 

Underpinned by research and science we understand current state experiences, pain points and opportunities. Using human-centered we roadmap priority initiatives and co-develop strategies and policies. Understanding risk and change we plan, support and measure benefits of your implement to operationalise your plan. You get results with planned benefits sustained.   

You have the flexibility to use a single service, the holistic suite or a tailored set of activities to realise the benefits you require. We like to start small, deliver immediate benefit and build long term win-win relationships that deliver big results. 

How we work with you.

Why Customer Science?

We are an independent, boutique customer experience or CX agency in Sydney and a digital transformation consulting professional services firm. What sets us apart?

  • expert and data-driven, practitioner and pragmatic approach
  • ability to operationalise your vision for sustainable benefit
  • close relationships with our clients to co-design and build future services, customer experiences and digital solutions, and so we all enjoy our work. Each client has an account manager focused on their specific CX and digital plans. Our relationships are long-term, providing consistent and relevant advice.
  • niche skills, specialising in our field and industries, required for right-fit solutions 
  • sensitive to your unique environment and objectives, risks as well as the importance and confidential nature of your work 
  • Breadth of offering covering all services needed to bring your CX or/and digital vision to life. Our services cover people, processes, technology, data and enablement. We have award-winning specialist consultants, who have committed their careers to their area of expertise and an extended network of proven consultants and partners able to execute our plans. 

Before starting work we provide clear solutions and deliverables that we have tailored together so you can be confident you will have the right outcomes.

Our solutions

As a premier customer experience or CX agency in Australia, we build your perfect holistic customer experience and digital solution by selecting the services right for you. We recognise in today’s customer-led service transformation initiatives it is important to have a deep understanding of people, processes, technology (including data management) and business. We have built our company around all these solutions and welcome the opportunity to help select the relevant solutions and assist in any or all of your project stages. 

Customer Experience

Customer and End User Research & Human Centred Design

  • Customer/User research
  • Mystery shopping
  • Benchmarking/scans
  • Ideation & hackathons
  • Human Centred CX/UX/EX/digital design
  • Persona’s/role archetypes
  • Customer segmentation
  • Journey mapping
  • Channel strategy/design
  • CX communication tools
  • CX team design & support
  • Advisory boards

Customer Experience and Service Operationalisation

  • Customer & service strategy/charter
  • Contact Centre and service review & recovery
  • Co-design/blueprint
  • Service culture/change
  • Target operating model
  • CX program roadmap
  • Project design/manage
  • Business process services
  • Writing & Correspondence
  • Workforce optimisation & customer queuing/routing
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Complaint management
  • Performance KPI’s
  • Continuous improvement
  • Capability build for recruitment, L&D, QA, KM, WFM, operations, etc. 
  • Knowledge & training 
  • Vendor Management Office

Experts in all channels including face-to-face, contact centre and digital.

Independent Service Outsourcing Solutions

  • Strategy & design
  • Requirements & shortlist vendors
  • Procurement, services and outsourcer expert support
  • Recovery and optimisation
  • Contract management
  • Vendor management
  • Contact Centre specialists 
  • Innovation lab/SWOT team
  • Scalable and out-of-hours design
  • Australian Software Local Office Outsourcing


Digital Health and Care industry Consulting

  • Policy and strategy
  • Health informatics
  • Digital health/clinical  
  • Service/program design
  • Technology
  • Billing and coding
  • Clinical data governance
  • Patient, carer and employee experience
  • CX & service optimisation

Protect and Manage your Data Effectively

  • Information policy/strategy
  • Ethics – Data and AI (policy & embed)
  • Data analytics and quality
  • Data architectures
  • Data classifications
  • Customer data value plan
  • Information management review and optimisation
  • Research/analytics/synthesis
  • Dictionaries & metadata 
  • Privacy guidelines/assessments
  • Information security
  • Infosec Management Systems (ISMS)
  • Project design/delivery

Transition your Services to Digital Services Safely

  • Digital service strategy
  • Digital CX journey, service target operating model and architecture
  • Digital process review and optimisation
  • Digital service platform design
  • Technology and provider assessment 
  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Management/support
  • Digital service review
  • Digital advisory

People and Business

Supply People to Bridge your Capability or Capacity Gap, Creating a Sustainable Elastic Workforce

  • Contracting talent
  • Augmented workforce to transition IP
  • Rent expertise or a coach via the “Talent as a Service” offering. Role examples include CXO, CIO, CFO, Digital, contract management, service L&D, WFM, KM, QA and others.
  • Project resourcing or virtual PMO.
  • CX & digital recruitment
  • Policy development/evaluation
  • Corporate/strategy plans
  • Business case 
  • Program development 
  • Program/project gateway & implementation reviews
  • Agile
  • Solution evaluation
  • Business analysis & models
  • Requirements
  • Business process services
  • Procurement/bid
  • Vendor and contract management
  • Benefit realisation
  • Governance/performance
  • Transformation change
  • Culture & training 
  • Risk and compliance
  • Board, CEO, CIO, CFO, CXO, COO advisory and coaching.
  • CX business enablement
  • Financial management
  • Merger and acquisitions
  • Board establishment, oversight, development & governance
  • Interim Board and CEO

Supporting Organisational Measurable Value and Realisation to Optimise Performance. 

  • Strategy on a Page
  • Benefits Realisation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Value Governance
  • Outcomes Mapping & Value Alignment


Automate Customer Experience, Staff Work and Business Processes

  • Service automation strategy, planning, roadmap, implementation & management
  • Digital workflow design
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Digital workforce service
  • Digital transaction service
  • Digital employee assist
  • Internet of Things
  • Payment & ID
  • Chatbot/chat
  • AI & Predictive analytics
  • Website & applications
  • Other service technologies
  • Digital first outsourcing
  • Organisation automation capability design

Specialised Contact Centre Technology Consulting and Professional Services

  • Platform review & design
  • Solution Architecture
  • Roadmap 
  • Project planning and implementation
  • CRM/channel technology
  • Procurement
  • Supplier aggregation & outsourcing
  • Management & support
  • Product design, development and support (i.e. b-spoke, CXiaaS and Agent Desktop)
  • Integration specialists
  • Analytics

Optimise your Organisation’s In-House and Outsourced Technology Services

  • Technology strategy, roadmap and operating model reviews
  • Service desk & call centre reviews and technology alignment
  • Technology advice/roadmap
  • Support/management review
  • Contract management
  • Insource/outsource/vendor recovery & management
  • Program and project design and review

Our industry practices

Specialist practices for relevant industry expertise

Specialists in commercial and not-for-profit businesses. Having lead award winning organisations we are deeply experienced practitioners.

With over 30 years experience providing solutions to all levels of Government in Australia. We are recognised for our ability to bring together multiple stakeholders and manage sensitive initiatives.

We are specialists in the Health, Aged Care, Disability Care and General Care industry. An industry that requires subject matter experts to have deep clinical care and health knowledge to able to provide relevant solutions.

Our products

Products that are designed to improve customer experience

CXiaaS is a real-time reporting and analytics tool that presents a dashboard of service statistics. It includes over 130 connectors to call centre technology and cloud technology out of the box that can be connected to your existing BI tools.

Our Connectors extract data from your telephony and service tools to provide a centralised service database for your corporate BI tools to connect to and analyse data. With a lean design, data is collected in near real-time from 130+ connectors and service technologies. If a tool you have does not have a connector we will develop and integrate it too.

Unified Desktop is a cloud desktop tool that provides one place for customer service representatives to manage enquiries. It is an interface for staff to collect, view and execute customer requests. The application simplifies representative tasks by reducing fields, automating activities and presenting the next best action. Making the work more accurate, efficient and enjoyable for your agents.

Rapid Response Care is a prebuilt contact centre you can deploy rapidly. The contact centre includes people, processes, technology and premises. The base operating processes are award-winning industry best practices embedded in the technology. With contracts in place to rapidly employ staff and facilities under our leadership we can ensure you can bring to life a contact centre within days. Helping to manage peaks in volume, your next contact centre deployment, testing new services or preparing for outsourcing.  

Data privacy assessment, compliance management and reporting toolkit. Pre-built for the NSW Government this toolkit provides best practices that you can have confidence will comply with the strictest requirements.

Our clients

Australia’s leading brands making a difference for their customers in collaboration with Customer Science Group

What our clients are saying

Our specialist sub-brands

Our Group brings together specialist sub-brands, familiar and valued independently. Each sub-brand has been built by passionate practitioners with care for their craft and how it makes a difference. Together the sub-brands provide a unique set of capabilities under our Group’s common approach. 

Customer Experience & Service

Provides Service and Customer Experience research, consulting, professional services, people augmentation or contracting as well as technology solutions.

With specialist capability in all channels, operationalising and outsourcing services.

Data and Traditional Consulting

Provides data, information management and protection, and the support of traditional project and business consulting services.

Specialising in Health and Care we provide clinical expertise, digital health and industry-specific technology services.

Contact Centre Technology

Provides solution architecture and products for contact centre and service technology. Helping with requirements, procurement, implementation and managing the value of your service technology platform.

UCA has developed products to meet gaps in the market including Dashboard BI technology & Single Desktop.

Rapid Contact Centre Deployment

Provides the ability to deploy a contact centre in days. It includes a pre-built technology and process platform along with access to people and premises. This is perfect for rapidly scaling your in-house centre, preparing for outsourcing or running a lab environment to test your contact centre vision.

Value Managemnt Consulting

Specialists in understanding and realising business value by linking measurable objectives. Providing stratgy, benefit realisation, objective mapping and other solutions that help ensure your business strategy and programs realise the benefits they were intending to.