Engaging with us is easy

Customer Science Group makes procurement of our services easy. We are a member of various Federal and State Government panels, non-government certifications and corporate agreements. These panels have validated our capability and offerings and allow for simplified contracting of our services. Get in touch to see if we are on your panel, and if not we can work together to be added.

A selection of panels groups that we are part of are listed below that we trust will make us easy to engage:


  • Federal Government (Department of Finance & Buy ICT & Corporate Management Advisory Services)
  • NSW Government (ICT Services Registered and Advanced Suppliers SCM0020, Performance Management Services SCM005, eHealth NSW ICT Professional & IAF Gateway Reviewer Panel)
  • Victorian Government (eServices Register)
  • South Australian Government & Health (SA Health Professional Services Panel)
  • Local Buy
  • Numerous local government panels


  • ISO 9001 accredited


  • Optus MSA
  • Telstra Global & Domestic Partner

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