Data connectors to collect, transform and provide access to your services data


Product overview

Connectors extract and transform data from your telephony and services technology data in a centralised database so you can connect your favourite Business Intelligence (BI) Platform. Uniquely providing data from Amazon, Genesys, AWS, Twillio and other telephony platforms. From our database you will have an easy connection to your BI platform of choice, typically our clients use Power BI, Excel, Tableau, Grafana or an existing database.

Product benefits

The differentiators of our connectors are critical to the contact centre to act on customer and team needs in a timely way.

Real time data

A lean technology that is able to rapidly collect, transform, store in a database and present data in near real-time (1-3 seconds).

Centralised data

Connect to over 130 connectors including specialised connectors for Genesys, Avaya, AWS and more.

Easy & accurate

Transformation of data to a data dictionary and industry standards allows you to ensure your data is accurate and consistent between systems.


Able to link company BI Tools via the connectors to provide rich and detailed reporting and analysis in the corporate tools.

Our services

Quick Start

Project management, technical and change services starter pack to install, configure and train the solution.

Professional Services

Professional services to tailor the solution such as customised dashboards or specific configuration needs.


Local developers ready to build new connectors or specialist product solutions.


CXIaaS users have access to our knowledge base and local support team to manage any software faults. 



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