Tabcorp CXIaaS – Centralised Reporting

Tabcorp use CXIaaS to get centralised real time reporting to make sure it has the call centre operation ready for a big event and win.



Tabcorp is one of Australia’s biggest lotteries and gambling providers. When large events like the Melbourne cup occur the contact centre has to be ready and needed visibility of data to manage the operations in real time. Seconds matter to punters and being available is worth millions of dollars of bets and credibility to the brand. So the stakes could not be higher.


Customer Science provided CXIaaS. A ground-breaking business intelligence platform that allows Tabcorp to centrally view all data from their phone system and other contact centre technologies. They have designed tailored dashboard to transform the way Tabcorp can operate their centres. With visibility Tabcorp make better decisions, have better customer experiences and are able to be in control of realising the business objectives.

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