About us



Our vision is to help Australian organisations be global service leaders


We are passionate about using customer experience and digital solutions to help optimise services delivered in Australia. We know with great service comes reduced costs and greater business performance. It gives customers of those services the lowest effort to get the experience and benefit needed.

With this, we seek to make life better for all Australians.



Our mission is to bring your customer and digital visions to life


We have built a unique blend of services across people, process and technology to bring to life your customer and digital vision. Our capability specialises in taking you from your vision to outcome. 

What makes Customer Science unique is our practitioner approach to operationalising a customer service vision. We have close relationships with our clients and together we co-design and build their future service offerings. With our decades of experience leading customer service teams, process and technology offerings we bring a unique blend that avoids risks and accelerates your vision. Key tenants of our solutions include:

  • Practitioners:  All people working with you have decades of experience. They have been through the pain so you don’t have to.
  • Risk reduction: We have proven methodologies and experience
  • Efficiency:  Our pragmatic approach ensures only the resources and technology needed are engaged
  • Quality and Accuracy: Our team utilises award-winning and industry-recognised best practices
  • Communications: You will have a dedicated account manager and regular governance that reviews and takes action on project deliverables and objectives
  • Sustainability: With coaching and methodologies provided your team will have the necessary skills and support to maintain and continuously improve services



Proven Experience


+ Clients

Diverse range of clients


+ million

End customers benefited


+ Billion

Business case funding approved


- months ROI

Rapid return on investment


%+ customer verysatisfaction


% recommend/repurchase

Proven customer benefit

Our services listed below are focused on getting outcomes

Our practitioners are able to help you understand your current customer state, journey, storyboard and blueprint future services before designing a target operating model or digital solution. We understand not everyone has the skills at hand to execute the design so rent ours or recruit through us to ensure your vision is delivered. 

With our customer experience technology, automation and business technology, we bridge the gap between business-aligned customer needs and technology so pragmatic results-driven selection and application of CX technology can be assured.

While our business consulting capability is able to provide your business and IT department business case, design, governance and vendor support, removing what can be significant challenges. Together this suite of offerings provides a holistic approach to transforming your customer and digital experiences.


Customer Experience

CX Research and Design, CX and Service Consulting & Professional Services and Outsourcing


Digital Service Design and Transformation, Information Management and Protection and Digital Health and Care

People & Business

Contracting specialists and workforce automation, business and project consulting and technology Company Australian office outsourcing


Automation, Contact Centre Technology and Business Technology

Our service commitment

Our services deliver measurable and sustainable benefits to you.

Typically our services deliver a return on investment within 6 months providing you free, sustainable customer and business benefits.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Our solutions apply a customer lens to improve customer experiences.

They lead to better customer experiences, ease and satisfaction for your customers which increases retention, recommendations, repurchasing and value.

Business Objective Impact

Our services help to deliver your business objectives.

We consider and co-design to have an impact on your vision, mission, business KPI's, brand and values.

Return on Investment

Our services have a rapid return investment. The return is in business capacity, cost to serve, value for the customer and/or revenue growth.

Sustainable Improvements

We provide a comprehensive toolkit that includes templates, tools, information management, and coaching to develop people and lock in your customer experience and digital solution benefits.

Working with Customer Science Group

Customer Science Group is a member of various federal and state government panels, alongside non-government certification bodies. These panels have validated our capability and offerings and allow for simplified contracting of our services. Get in touch to see if we are on your panel, and if not we can work together to get certified.

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