Rob Porter

Practice Director for Contact Centre Technology & Products

While considered by some as an entrepreneur, foremost Rob is a seasoned Unified Communications and Contact Centre Technology Consultant with international experience with several of the world’s leading vendors and local integrators. With a driving passion for consultancy and a never-ending desire to achieve the best outcome for his customers, Rob founded UCA (UC Architects) in 2011 providing the vehicle for true independent consultation services with a strong focus on Contact Centre technology.

During the facilitation of cloud migration strategies, for companies large and small, Rob recognised a growing need for Contact Centre Advanced Analytics. After analysing and working with many solutions in the market, Rob soon turned the direction of the company to focus on Analytics for the Contact Centre. He began to invest in the development of solutions that provide customer freedom-of-choice and ease-of-use when analysing business and performance metrics in and around the contact Centre.

The recent success of UCA product and services saw the need to grow quickly in response. The favoured model for growth was to join forces with a like-minded consulting company, and the logical choice for that was Customer Science Group.

Rob has a vision for growth and plans to continue his passion of team building, sharing his expert industry knowledge with his team and ever-growing number of valued customers.

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