Andrew Goodwin

CIO Senior Technology Consultant AI Consulting Lead

Andrew has a 25+ year history leading technology services organisations across the Asia Pacific region along with providing strategic technical leadership. Recognised not just for his technical knowledge, infrastructure and development capabilities, his success has been in founded on building fostering collaborative, respectful and empathetic workplace cultures – that deliver on their promises – which has directly resulted in launching or accelerating the companies and careers, and lives he works with.

Andrew is passionate about the use of technology to make a difference and is pragmatic about getting results. His interests are eclectic, from technology realms such as network, software and infrastructure engineering, to corporate governance, financial performance and culture. His formal education includes degrees in Business, Technology and Psychology along with being a part of the INSEAD alumni.

He is a sort after AI expert, having worked in this space prior to its current popularity and has expertise in bridging the business use and technical application. He is helping organisations bring to life their AI strategy or intention.

Membership and Qualifications:

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