Rapid Response Care

Contact centre deployment in days

Bring a contact centre to life for spike management, your contact centre deployment, testing service or readying for outsourcing.


What we do

We deploy contact (call) centre services within hours. You can rest assured your contact centre service is safe from volume spikes and external threats. Our team specialise in designing, configuring and managing:

  • contingency plans
  • rapidly deploying surge contact centres
  • work-from-home contact centres
  • Work-from-home technology platform contact centres

Our solutions include ready skilled people, supported by operational excellence and enabled by technology while maintaining your data privacy and security. We help to manage risk during emergencies.

Solution Benefits

Quality Assurance

Proven scale methodologies applied. Award-winning best practices applied from CSIA Practitioners with COPC certification experience and ISO certification. We have the contact centre specialists to operate services and security & privacy experts to ensure safety.


With technology, methods, staffing and place in place we can rapidly scale the service to manage peaks in volumes.

Rapid Deployment

Skilled and ready contact centre staff. Contact centre and at-home staff deployed within hours.

Professional and Accessible

Governance and reporting implemented with a 24×7 personal account manager & escalation process.

Our Services

Rapid deployment of services provides the following offerings:

With proven methods, we can rapidly design, deploy and manage your at-home contact centres. We have standard contact centre technology at the ready for any scale.

We can rapidly supply staff and capabilities to scale your contact centre to meet increased contact volumes or see you through significant staff absenteeism.

Use our experience and expertise to rapidly build a practical contingency plan that ensures your customers will continue to get service without breaking the bank.

Our planform can be used as a DR or contingency site for overflow or spike management.

You service transformation test team that costs nothing:

  • Service team you can test innovation with
  • Embedded service team to prove step change when applying our best practices and recommendations.
  • Automation augmented team that charges less than your current outsource provider to prove value before transitioning to your outsourcer

How we work


You have control over the implementation of your rapid deployment services. At any time you can stop or tailor the service you are designing to ensure the solution is efficient and relevant for you.

We will maintain a resource pool, test processes and technology regularly to ensure the service is ready to ramp up.

When triggered, your centre will be running with quality assurance processes to ensure accuracy with governance and reporting to ensure you are able to make informed decisions.

Ramping down the service will allow the evaluation of learnings so the service continuously improves.


You have a guaranteed rapid response to scale your service. Using our approach above we can configure a service that allows you to scale your service within hours. With the first team members logging on to handle enquiries we scale consistently over twenty-four hours. Part of our plan includes the important step of ramping down effectively while collecting the lessons learned to improve services in the future.

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