Ventia CXIaaS – Centralised Live Reporting

Ventia are using CXIaaS to get visibility across multiple centres so they can perform to very specific contract requirements.



Ventia deliver critical public and private asset maintenance and management. As on of Australia’s largest provider of these services they touch many Australians.  Ensuring the call centre can meet its contracted service requirements means those Australians gain a high quality of service and Ventia retains a delighted client. The challenge for Ventia was that the contracted metrix were unable to be centrally viewed due to diverse systems and complexity of the multiple contact centres.


Customer Science provided CXIaaS to create a near real time dashboard of Ventia’s client contracted KPI performance. Empowering managers with data that they could take action on and improve performance. The result is a better client experience, customer get more responsive services and Ventia have a satisfied client.

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