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Our CX design & research firm has delivered successful digital projects, large and small, across the public and private sector. We’d love to talk to you about:

Using information from within your organisation and our expert insights and best practice knowledge, our collaborative approach will deliver a digital or channel strategy roadmap for achieving your goals.

Digital customers are more demanding than ever.  Through user experience (UX) design, our company can create products that are meaningful and relevant to users.  Then we keep them coming back with intuitive design, compelling content and desirable features.

As Mike Tyson once said, ‘everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face’.  That’s why we spin up working prototypes and put them in front of users in one to two weeks.  Successful features make the cut and are built into the next iteration.

Closing the loop on digital transformation. Customer Science has the development capabilities to bring your digital vision to life. We build simple and intuitive interfaces, which people love to use. Then we connect them to functionality that makes life easier and business run better.

Product management is the gap between your vision and the final product.  We work with internal teams and external vendors to ensure your digital strategy is realised.  We do this in a pragmatic way, because change always happens.

Expert consultation services on the evolution of digital platforms, best practices and the impact of emerging technologies. You’ll receive an actionable roadmap for digital transformation, phased into manageable pieces.

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A Case Study


Digital transformation to engage a community of over 72,000 volunteers

In 2019-20, our team led the UX design for the NSW Rural Fire Service’s new member website. To do this the team carried out research with volunteers and staff across NSW, to better understand their roles and the tools they use. Based on this, they designed a structure and navigation for the site, built around the seven most common tasks members need to complete. This was then brought to life through a set of storyboards and wireframes. The key learnings from this approach were embedded in a set of UX principles and digital style guide, which are now being rolled out across all NSW RFS projects. Phase 1 of the new member website is now live, reach out to discuss our full case study.

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