Transforming your employee (EX), customer experience (CX) and organisational performance.

We deliver a transformative journey covering consulting to implementation, integration, orchestration, knowledge transfer, training, support and managed automation services.


What we do

AI and Automation represent an unmissable opportunity for your organisation.

Customer Science is a specialist CX & digital transformation consultancy excelling in Intelligent Automation (IA).

The objective of implementing automation is not to replace humans, but to ensure that people are at the heart of your digital transformation. Delegate time-consuming tasks to a digital, round-the-clock workforce that can deliver immediate cost savings, up to a 90% reduction in processing and cycle times, 100% data accuracy and dramatic increases in staff productivity.

What sets us apart is that we are first and foremost a CX consultancy. Whereas most automation consultancies will myopically focus on delivering a project’s ‘functional requirements’ at the exclusion of all else, we integrate human-centred design principles into our delivery methodology to minimise friction and define success criteria that accepts nothing less than a great user experience.

Afterall, the only outcome that really matters is that your team are happier and better at servicing the needs of your customers.

Do you have any repetitive processes that you’d like to automate? Punch a few details into our ROI Calculator to get an estimate of the hours of human effort you’ll get back and the savings you can make.

Solution benefits

Customer Experience

Faster processing or response times

Simplify & streamline processes

24x7 processing

Bring services back onshore

Improve data quality and richness

Capacity Creation

Reduce overtime or seasonal hires

Reduce demand peak impacts

Reduce manual & admin tasks

Reduc re-work from errors

Operational Risk

Reduce risk of manual input error

Improve adherence to compliance requirements

Increase process controls and create audit trails

Complete reporting

Improve data quality and richness

Scale to meet process demand spikes

Cost Reduction

Reduced process execution time

Demand peaks

Bots and licenses used across multiple processes

Financial Return

Revenue uplift through faster processing and accurate revenue task delivery

Reduced overtime or seasonal hires

Reduce peak demand and troughs

Minimise revenue leakage

Employee Experience

Automate tedious tasks

Meaningful work of higher value

Free your team to focus on higher value activities that require human ingenuity, creativity and decision making skills

CX Automation Lab Solutions

The rapid development of intelligent automation is ushering in a new era of productivity and innovation. Our services are built around a comprehensive automation management lifecycle and include API Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) and the application of a host of complementary AI/ML technologies to create fit-for-purpose solutions. 

  • Automation demand management and opportunity assessment 
  • Automation development and implementation services 
  • Technology integration services, particularly document digitisation, voice automation, chatbots and data analytics services 
  • Automation platform and technical infrastructure design and architecture
  • Automation Lab Training Academy 
  • Ongoing maintenance and support covering platform and production control with a 24/7 helpdesk 
  • Automation and IDP software licensing
  • The first step of any automation initiative is to understand the automation opportunities that exist within your organisation. While there are common opportunities across a range of industries, every organisation is different. 
  • A good pipeline of vetted automation opportunities keeps the program moving forward. The pipeline must create value for the organisation, with each automation supported by a robust business case. 
  • Experience confirms that selecting the right processes to automate is the most important decision you will make in the implementation of an automation technology solution. 
  • Running a Process Diagnostic is a great way to build a pipeline of automation ideas and process improvements, prioritised by impact and ROI. It can be supported by technologies such as task and process mining to map out how people work and where the greatest opportunities lie. 
  • We have developed a unique approach to support organisations as they seek to build real-world experience, internal self-sufficiency and adopt a combination of Citizen Developer and Enterprise Automation capability. Our ‘Mentored Wave’ knowledge transfer helps you to build a model of self-reliance to achieve the maximum benefit for your organisation. 
  • Your team members work side-by-side with our experienced practitioners while undertaking key tasks, such as pipeline development, process scoping, development, delivery and operational support.  
  • Knowledge transfer starts by taking the learner through the methodology for the area, including the approach, any supporting documentation and templates, all of which is built on Customer Science’s Automation Training programs. 
  • Intelligent automation marries artificial intelligence—including natural language processing, machine learning, and machine vision—with automation 
  • The range of business problems to which intelligent automation can be applied is expanding rapidly as technologies for voice recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning improve. 
  • Customer Science have a proven methodology to deliver automations, that strikes the right balance between speed and governance.  
  • Delivery is completed collaboratively with your business users, providing transparency and driving engagement across your organisation. 
  • To ensure that your digital workforce run as part of business as usual, we provide a comprehensive support service to manage, monitor, support and maintain your automation program. 
  • This includes platform, process and operations support. The goal is that your digital workers are managed seamlessly with human workers. We also provide comprehensive monitoring to ensure maximum uptime and availability of the platform, through to giving various business stakeholders clear visibility into benefits tracking and robot execution status. 

Our services

More information about our Automation services are listed below:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Process Mining
  • Scanning

Help employees accomplish tasks so they’re more productive.  Software robots, or ‘bots’, interact with your systems just like a human would. They’ll take care of routine, repetitive data entry tasks to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction and gain competitive advantage.

Elevate RPA by combining it with AI/ML technologies that learn from the data it processes, make decisions and handle more complex tasks. It’s particularly useful in fields like customer service, where it can be used to automate and improve interactions with customers.

Automatically build process models from desktop activities and your event logs. Visualise your process flow using data from your systems to understand them better. Then streamline, automate and accelerate those processes.

Using natural language processing (NLP) to turn messages into data, it shows you what people are saying, how frequently they are saying it and in what context. When these newly mined communication insights are integrated with intelligent automation, you can truly elevate the customer experience.

Do you handle a lot of paperwork? Enable automatic reading and processing of complex documents (even hand-written) with the power of RPA, AI & machine learning. Organise & identify data, classify documents, extract data, validate accuracy and apply business rules.

Integrate generative AI into your automation solutions. Technologies such as Chat GPT can be enabled in your business and automation under strict policies, guidelines and privacy standards. We provide pilots to assist organisations to explore the value they can gain. 

We provide AI consulting and development services including:

  • AI Organisation Policy
  • AI Strategy
  • AI Ethics
  • AI Data protection/security
  • AI Change Management to ensure the adoption of the policy.
  • AI Pilots
  • AI Project leadership
  • AI 

Provide access to predictive analytics and insights to support decision-making. Link these to automation tools and AI to maximise the value your automation can provide. 

IoT is used as a low-cost sensor and network solution to monitor events that can trigger action. These solutions reduce the need for a mobile service workforce or can provide proactive services previously impossible due to cost or safety.

We apply voice technologies to help manage customer enquiries. These can be linked to digital workers to provide end-to-end automated customer service.

We provide expert advice and consulting on all aspects of intelligent automation, covering the basic setup, practical implementation, remediation of projects, reinvigoration of stalled implementations and health checks of your automation practice.

Our experts will analyse your organisation’s ICT policies and standards and review the business automation requirements to provide recommendations on automation solutions. 

We can work with our partners to find the fit-for-purpose licensing options to match your needs.

We can provide the professional services to implement your service automation. With experienced automation project managers, BA, change and training capability to make your implementation go smoothly. 

Training your internal teams to handover management and development of automation. Our training will help you become as independent as you would like to be when managing and optimising your automation solutions.

We use industry partnerships & our local expertise to provide global leading and relevant training content and delivery.

24×7 enterprise grade support services.

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