CX Market Update: May 2019

So, what’s on trend right now?

There is a new measure in town, ROX –  Return on Experience. It is a hybrid metric that captures the ROI of the existing measurements of CX Customer Experience and Employ Experience, (EX). It is now finding its way to board tables and government. It may be new in name, but it is a message we have long believed at Customer Science. A measure that puts the customer first.

Great service can be cheap service, even significant investments in technology, process re-engineering and staff development should deliver solid returns and a more efficient, engaged and happier workplace and customers. If it does not, we challenge organisations to reconsider why deliver these projects.

We’re not sure whether the ROX acronym will survive the hype cycle, but the idea is valid and one we live every day in our engagements with our clients.

We’ve been busy delivering super interesting work

Earlier this year, Customer Science created channel and digital strategies for the NSW Government’s Better Regulation Division (BRD) in just two months. These strategies are focused on practicality, they help the leadership choose between options, prioritise investments and redesign their departments.  Our team delivered a great result in such a short time by building on the Division’s existing customer research and data on channel usage.  From this point, we applied Customer Science’s framework to work through five stages:

1. Customer segments, needs and behaviours.
2. Channel preference.
3. Contact handling, human assisted vs. self service.
4. Straight through processing.
5. Standards, measures and reporting.

Through this approach, we helped BRD meet the needs of customers and understand how to manage an organisation to be ‘digital on the inside’.

We’re excited to launch our first robot product

One of our newest CX Technology offerings is the ‘Unified Desktop’. Designed to compliment service automation, Unified Desktop offers seamless navigation experience to users, thereby reducing complexity and effort involved in accessing multiple tools and application screens.

Unified Desktop is built to integrate with various CRM systems, web-based applications and even other tools within the SOE.  This solution was recently successfully designed and implemented for a partner of ours in managing their contact centres. Implementing and consistently using the Unified Desktop has reduced AHT by approximately 24%. Agents now have the ability to trigger RPA bots and navigate through multiple parts of the process across applications, all within a single screen on the desktop.

And we’ve revamped our existing CX Contracting and Recruitment services

We have revamped our CX Contractor & Recruitment offering which complements our overall offering by providing the right people to bring your CX vision to life.  As specialists in the CX market, we have the expertise and networks to attract a higher calibre of candidate.

As a client, you are supported by our team of experts and by outsourcing your contracting needs to us, it allows you to focus on achieving your business objectives.  You can swap skill sets in and out of your business as required as we have the capacity to make that happen. We act as an elastic workforce so you can keep your core team highly productive and re-use people from our workforce for future projects. 

Kerrie Driver is currently offering coffee meetings to meet and identify value for you. 

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