CX Consulting – Written Services Optimisation

We help organisations transform their written customer service

Our solution focuses on both systems-generated correspondence and the bespoke messages created in customer contact centres.


What we do

Reading is 80% of customer experience. We make it clear, human and helpful.

What we offer

Our solution focuses on both systems-generated correspondence and the bespoke messages created in customer contact centres. There are five parts to this service:

  • Auditing – our Customer Intimacy Audit identifies gaps and friction points in the customer communications journey 
  • Journey mapping – looks at the role of customer correspondence in specific journeys – e.g. onboarding, collections, dispute resolutions etc.
  • Writing – brings clarity and a human touch to every communication
  • Training – tailored training that puts customer service and brand on the same page
  • Brand voice – finds a writing tone that aligns with brand values

This specific solution can be integrated into a larger service transformation or done in isolation. 

What are the benefits

Improved member satisfaction and retention

  • Clearer, more human and helpful correspondence
  • Customer experiences that meet or exceed your service standards and values
Lower Operating Costs
  • Reduced in-bound calls from customers seeking clarification 
  • First time resolutions with fewer reverse workflows 
  • Improved customer compliance and collections 

Delivering on strategy

  • Better written experiences support organisational values and goals 
  • Clarity is a genuine differentiator in a crowded market 
  • Employee training leads to more effective communication – internally and externally.

We are easy to engage

As a member of the Local Government Amalgamation Supplier Panel, NSW Government Qualification Scheme for Performance and Management Services (SCM0005) and ICT Services (SCM0020) we offer a comprehensive, tailored program to support Government transformation in NSW. Our panels extend to other states, federal government and even commercial organisations to make engaging us easy.


We are experienced

We have undertaken large scale correspondence transformation projects for organisations in the following sectors:

  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Health Insurance
  • Telcos
  • Energy
  • Government
  • Travel
Client testimonials available on request.

Partner for success

Customer Science Group complements its own capabilities with the expertise of selected partners. We are delighted to be working with Friendly Persuasion, who are specialists in written customer service.

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