Health & Care

Helping Government and Commercial Health and Care use data and services to provide exceptional outcomes to the community.

We recognise that having the right language, understanding of the health and care sector as well as managing the sensitivity often surrounding the work provides the best outcomes. Our practitioners with decades of experience are passionate about making a difference for you and the community through our consulting services. 


What we do

Customer Science Group has strong relationships with a range of stakeholders in the health and care industry. Our work has encompassed government departments, public and private hospitals, health software providers, peak representative bodies, clinicians, and patients.

In a sector that is characterised by its size and the at-times siloed nature of different stakeholder groups, we endeavour to place the patient at the centre of what we do, and build a connected network of understanding and care around their needs. 

This has led to Customer Science Group being a respected voice in the health and care industry, able to talk practically and meaningfully with people in the policy and legislative space to those involved in frontline healthcare and service delivery. We aim to support sustainable change in the sector through delivering meaningful advice and advocating for practical action.

The health and care industry landscape is evolving include a more holistic set of actors. From healthcare services to accommodation and meal providers, to schools and workplaces, the Customer Science Group works with everyone who has a role to play in improving the health and welfare of people. 

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