Rosemary Hotten 2024

Rosemary Hotten

Associate Director, Digital & Customer Strategy

Rosemary is an accomplished digital and customer strategist with a track record of defining business opportunities and driving implementation that delivers sustainable results across domains, scale and complexity.

She helps companies leverage digital technologies to increase engagement, address pain points to improve service levels and grow efficiencies and returns.

Rosemary has deep experience across commercial, not-for-profit and public sector environments, particularly in service delivery and health and wellbeing. She combines strategic thinking through implementation and evaluation oversight, working closely with end users through to service providers, tech vendors and funders to solve challenges and strengthen connections that drive impact and organisational return.

Joining the team at Customer Science Group she provides strategic advice and solution design for clients with a focus on accelerating business value.

Business and Customer Strategy, Change Management, Channel Management / Distribution, Customer Experience Strategy, Digital Transformation, Performance Measurement, Process Improvement, and User Centre Design
Membership and Qualifications:

Australian Institute of Digital Health (AIDH)

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