Darius Vitlin

Senior Consultant

Darius is a senior information management consultant providing input in the areas strategic planning, data management, data privacy and modelling and visualisation. His work has focused on the development of practical strategies and sustainable implementations for the public sectors. Darius’s main activities have been the development and review of the strategies, structures and tools used in the areas of information gathering, system change and stakeholder engagement. This has been complemented by additional work in the development and upkeep of structures and tools used in the research and reporting process, including the implementation of collaborative, online, work environments for international, multi-party projects.

He has conducted evaluations and reviews of implementations of information and data collection practices at both the design and implementation stages. He has performed data quality health-checks for department-wide systems and helped implement broader quality assurance methodologies. Darius has a full understanding about the role of privacy in the use of data and the dynamics and constraints on the collection and use of health information in particular.

Membership and Qualifications:

Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney

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