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With over 70% of all Australians considering privacy a major concern, data privacy and security issues are on the rise with 13% more cyber crimes reported, new privacy penalties becoming law and the average cost of a data breach in Australia approaching $3.4m, up 9.8% year on year. As a result, data privacy and compliance are no longer an option to consider but a critical part of all projects to ensure organisations protect their data effectively. 

We recognise there is a gap. While there are good guidelines exist, organisations don’t have the tools, capacity or capability to apply these easily and sustain best practices. 

Customer Science Group has built privacy assessment and risk management tools which assist in communicating privacy requirements across organisations, gathering insights into how privacy operates in practice and positions organisations in a position of pro-actively monitoring and improving their risk mitigation strategies, in line with best practice. A pre-built toolkit is available to you so you can rapidly adopt these best practices in learning, comply with relevant legislation and ensure privacy is visible and effectively managed at all levels of the organisation. A toolkit is designed to be cloud-based and evergreen so you always have the most up-to-date compliance levels. 

We provide a quick implementation that includes consultation, implementation, change management and coaching to ensure the tool is useful, practical and sustainably implemented in your organisation. Our team of privacy, experts are available for bespoke needs too and our support team can manage any issues you have with the tools.

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