Contracting & Workforce Augmentation

Realise the benefits of a scalable workforce

Providing you access to an elastic resource pool of subject matter experts in the contact centre, services, customer experience, digital and technology space.


What we do

We provide efficient access to a scalable and consistent workforce of CX and digital experts.
This enables you with the right skills and resources when you need them. You won’t need to be a CX, digital or administrative expert or operational expert in order to identify the right person as we have done the hard work for you. We provide CX Consultants, Service Designers, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Change Managers, Process Engineers, Knowledge Managers, L&D/Training and CX customer experience recruitment experts to ensure your CX project will be executed as designed.
And if you just need a helping hand you can rent an expert as a CX coach to assist you while handing over important skills for what would be less than the cost of a good customer service training course. Gaining speedy access to a scalable and consistent workforce of CX and digital experts.

Solution benefits

We provide a service that transitions IP with our talent and allows you to quickly tap into talent as you need it.

Fast & Dependable

You can easily and quickly access talent with a full-time shared resource manager to work with.

We have a core team of staff available today along with an extended pool of proven contractors and partners to draw from.

Should someone become unavailable for any reason we will replace them with matched skills and no additional cost.

Access to IP

When using our contractors you have the ability to swap in or out talent.

You will also have access to all our IP, tools, methodologies along with our expert advisors.

Try before you buy

We have a model to allow you to employ our people should they be a perfect fit.

Only pay for the time you use.

Sustainable Elastic Workforce

Use our team to scale your workforce as you need it.

Ability to reuse talent contracted into your organisation, retaining IP and improving your return on the investment in training.

Why us and what makes us different?

We specialise in CX and Digital transformation people, so we understand what great talent is. As part of our customer experience recruitment, we retain our contractors who work as consultants within our organisation so you can reuse them on a future project and retain their IP.

With a diverse range of talent, we can swap time between contractors, so you get the right talent at the right time during your contract period. The combination allows for an elastic workforce you can scale and your investments in IP and knowledge are retained. This enables your business to keep costs to funded activities during a time when the right talent is hard to come by and in a continually changing job

Recent roles we have filled for our clients include:

  • CX: CX Service Designer, CX Solutions Consultant, CX Operational Design
  • Program/Project Roles: Program Manager, Project Manager, Change Manager, Training Manager &Trainers, Business Analyst
  • Specialist Operational Roles: Workforce Manager, L&D Manager, Quality Assurance, Knowledge Manager, Vendor Account Manager
  • Technology: Telephony Architect, Call Centre Technology Architect
  • Data: Digital Business Analyst (Data Analytics), Privacy Impact/Informatics Specialist
  • Other: Tender Writer
  • Executive: CIO, CFO, COO and CXO

Our services

Are you having trouble finding the right talent for your team?  We live and breathe the CX and digital world so we can help ensure you have the right talent in your local team. 

Rather than employ, you can rent the right resources to support your business. We have experts ready who can contract for short term and longer term periods. 

Should you love the person and they love you then we have a model that allows you to employ the contractor too. 

Our team can work alongside yours to deliver projects or setup a capability. We transition IP, governance, tools, methods and behaviours that provide an efficient and effective way to build capability. 

Examples include Agile Project/Program Management and CX Management capabilities.

Rent expertise or a coach via the “Expert a Service” offering. Role examples include CXO, CIO, CFO, Digital, contract management, service L&D, WFM, KM, QA and others.

Employ deeply experienced project management team to be a virtual PMO.

As an expert in the CX and Digital space, we have access to a strong talent pool. We understand what is required to deliver great results and what attributes, attitudes and skills to look for in different work types. 

We can connect you with the right talent to your brand and way of working. 

Your team can remain core and focused with the ability to elastically expand to meet the demands of the company and customers.

Our experts can assist you to design your talent acquisition strategy, employee lifecycle and employment capabilities.

Employee engagement consulting, frameworks and models to enable your organisation to have employees engaged in what they do. 

We provide a health check and program of services that deliver satisfied employees who are passionate about making a difference.

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