Unified Desktop

Single software interphase consolidating all your customer service tools into one place.


Simplify your agent experience

Sick of the complexity, inaccuracy and inefficiency created by having agents use multiple applications?

Customer Science launches ‘Unified Desktop’, a single intuitive user interface that uses robotics to act as your personal assistant across all the technologies that agents use. On launch, our first client delivered >23% efficiency gains along with greater agent engagement and customer satisfaction levels, helping them to raise capacity by over 50%.

Unified Desktop is part of our Customer Experience Technology offering. Designed to provide a seamless navigation experience to users. Unified Desktop helps achieve higher productivity by providing unified communications and reducing transaction processing time, thereby improving the overall process efficiency.

Unified Desktop combines a simple web based application that is presented to the user when needed, customer information can be collected and presented in the application, the application will present the next best actions for selection and once selected manage all technologies required to complete that transaction including after call work.

According to a study conducted by Contact Center Week Digital;

  • 55% of users/agents on average use about 5 applications to service one customer
  • 23% users on average, based on the role and process complexity have to navigate across 8+ applications to service one customer
  • 40% of the time is spent extracting information from multiple sources whilst on the phone with customers

Customer Science focus on enhancing the overall customer experience. Unified Desktop has clear benefits as illustrated below. When complemented with our practitioners’ holistic view of optimising business process, people and technology a holistic solution that drives ROI, customer satisfaction levels and delivery of business objectives. To deliver on this our methods guarantee a sustainable and operationalisable solution.

Find out more about how a Unified Desktop solution can help your business, contact us today to speak to one of our experts.

Product Benefits

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customer centred service design to create better customer experiences that lead to customer satisfaction, customer retention, recommendations and repurchases.

Business Objective Impact

Our service focuses on your business objectives and brand to materially impact the organisations vision and targets.

Financial Return

Rapid return on your investment in our services. We deliver more capacity, lower cost to serve, lower cost for the custoemr and/or revenue growth.

Sustainable Improvements

With templates, tools and coaching we provide the nessesary toolkit to handover sustained customer experience improvements.

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