What are the key considerations when implementing Digital Workforce?

It is no secret that here in Australia and New Zealand we are a little bit behind the likes of USA and Europe in terms of digital strategy and automation.  The recent pandemic has given all the industries a big boost on the digital journey and enhanced the speed at which companies have adopted a Digital & Cloud-first approach across the globe.

As a result, the leaders in digital workforce technologies have been swiftly moving their entire offerings to be cloud-based. Digital workers in the cloud simplifies the infrastructure, improves scalability, and lowers the total cost of ownership all while making getting started easier than ever.

The rise of the digital workforce has now been through the hype cycle, the benefits are proven and are as real now as they were 10 years ago.  The digital workforce is fast becoming a victim of its own success now with so many software vendors and partners to choose from… including some that over promise and under deliver!. Simply thinking about getting started can seem risky and daunting, so what are the key things you should consider when you’re ready to get started?

Mission; have a clear objective if you want to improve your customer journey and lower costs, then build your success factors and prioritisation around that.

Prototype small; identify a relatively simple process that is seen as valuable, visible & painful (or annoying). These processes exist across most businesses but are not always front of mind.  Some example processes are: change of contact details, reconciliations, payments, email requests, onboarding etc. These can be a great starting point delivering ROI within weeks.

Partners; The marketplace is filled with Vendors and Consultants that are actively playing in this market having completed little if any training and having no real world experience. To illustrate this point, around 70% of the clients I have worked with in Australia so far have been burnt by prior promises that weren’t delivered against.  And in my past European life I lost count of the clients that we helped after they had poor experiences at the hands of self-proclaimed ‘experts’.   If you are going to partner, pick well!  This WILL mean the difference between achieving your goals or not.

Once you have proven the ROI you should scale quickly, don’t lose momentum. Start to identify your pipeline and roadmap, and start thinking about how to operationalise.  Never assume that understanding is truly there, as in many occasions many people never truly ‘get it’ until after they have seen it running in their own business on their own process.  This is when the mental block vanishes and ideas for things that could be done by digital workers start to come thick and fast.  There are many ways to expedite understanding with the impact being a better pipeline in a shorter time span.

So how is your digital journey coming along?

How do you quickly realise a real-world ROI?

How do you restart a stalled or failed RPA rollout?

How do you avoid common failure points?

Join us and some of our clients to hear real world case studies as we go about answering the above questions  at our event with CSIA on 21/09/2021.  We’ll answer all of those questions and more and give you an insight into how our clients are transforming processes in their business and seeing returns quickly.

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