Event Recap: How to get your Digital Workforce started

Let’s reinvent the conversation for RPA in your business today. It is no secret that here in Australia and New Zealand we are a little bit behind the likes of USA and Europe in terms of digital strategy and automation but the conversation and uptake is gathering momentum. 

In our latest webinar Customer Science and Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) were joined by business leaders from Hunter Water and Automation Anywhere to breakdown their experiences in developing and implementing Robotic Automation Processes in their businesses. 

Our guest speaker Doug Lucas from Hunter Water, along with case studies from Anglicare, Community Options Australia & Australian Government each showcase how small-medium businesses and fortune 500 companies alike are transforming and adopting a digital workforce whilst also providing a unique perspective in their market sectors.   

One of the leading vendors in the space, Automation Anywhere, also joined us to share the current must have features and the future vision on the industry in general. 

Here’s a quick review of the insights shared by Doug Lucas at Hunter Water, around how engaging a digital workforce has changed the roadmap for their organisation.

From the inception of identifying what routine and repetitive processes could be automated, to delivering the solution, RPA for Hunter Water has been all about fulfilling a need for the broader strategy business, building trust and confidence in the technology, and having the right partner to implement quickly. Listening to their people as they developed these processes, and ensuring all aspects work company-wide, has been a key to the success of this RPA technology moving forward. 

Doug shared that RPA has formed part of a larger road map for activities, where they want to build capability within the business. Building assets to solve problems for the community has moved their customer experience into a new era. Allowing the company to focus on roles that support building relationships with their customers and community. 

What rang true in this conversation was “start small and keep it simple!” As an organisation Hunter Water started with 2 processes, automating their liquid trade waste docketing system and streamlining updates from their website with customer contact details into their billing system. 

Over the last 3-4 years they have actively gone about building & updating digital capability, upgrading website functions & any processes that can engage electronic automation hence removing backend dissidence for their people. When a business can improve accuracy, reallocate people into more important activities within the business, future proof with a solid and reliable human & digital workforce flow, measure efficiency gains and improve turnaround times for customers, you know that you’re moving in a positive and thriving direction. 

Doug’s advice:  

  • Start small, build value, commit to building confidence with the technology so that the people in your organisation see it as a friend to support the business.  
  • Know your processes, work with skilled subject matter experts like the team at Customer Science and understand your end-to-end processes.  
  • Work with the talented people in your business to get a real time 360-degree view, drive this technology from within the business & fill the need.  
  • RPA is not a set and forget process, be agile and allow the technology to grow and transform your digital workforce in line with your company’s evolution. 

For all the other interesting insights discussed, and to see the results of the polls, watch the event using the link listed above. 

Whether you are investigating digital workforce and how it could work in your organisation, trying to quantify benefits or even interested in ball park costs – we are here to answer your questions. 

We are offering a free ½ day exploration session to review the concepts further and complete a readiness check for your organisation. 

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