Legal Stream Robotic (RPA) Migration



LegalStream is an Australian-owned and operated company that offers end-to-end mortgage processing, mortgage recovery and property presenting for lenders and their customers, and support services to solicitors and mortgage brokers across Australia. They had four automated processes built in version 11 of Automation Anywhere, which included IQBot to digitise some documents. This version of the software ran out of support in Sept 2022. The processes are critical to the business, reducing the manual effort of the team and allowing them to adhere to essential KPIs of processing.


Customer Science migrated the four automations to the latest version of Automation Anywhere. This required the setup of a new cloud control room and the conversion of the robots to the new format, which included remediating functions no longer supported. As part of the migration, Customer Science identified an opportunity for LegalStream to reduce their licencing and infrastructure cost by replacing IQBot with new functionality available in Automation Anywhere 360. The outcome was that all the automations were migrated, plus the accuracy of the data extracted improved. Now there is greater accuracy and confidence in the process so customers can enjoy more rapid and accurate processing of their mortgages.

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