MarkerSpace Service Design

Engaging soldiers in innovation that takes ideas of security for the nation to a product that helps Australians safety.



The army sort to build an innovation space, MakerSpace, where soldiers could cristalise their innovation ideas, turn them into designs and deliver them. They sort our help provide simple and clear service design processes in the MakerSpace so soldiers could more effectively use the space. The aim was to better understand MakerSpace customers needs and wants, which will form the evidence base to drive service development, in accordance with Army’s key objective of improving the cognitive ability of soldiers


Using a double dimond approach we developed a 6A Service Model. The 6A Model is a stage model, meaning that soldiers will pass through each stage before moving onto the next. The 6A Service Model represents each step of a high-level customer journey and represents a specific stream of work. Through successful development and implementation of each workstream QinetiQ will support Army to increase the cognitive ability of soldiers. You can see more here in this short video.

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