Advantages of RPA in the Service Industry

4 Benefits to Automating Processes in the Services Industry.

Spanning a wide range of businesses including finance, accounting, human resources, legal, and customer service, the services industry has undergone significant changes over the years due to technological advancements, and one of the most significant changes is the adoption of automation.

Robotic process automation (RPA)  uses software robots or digital workers to automate repetitive and rule-based processes and tasks that human workers usually perform. RPA can help improve efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and customer satisfaction.

Examples of these benefits include reducing the average handling time of service desk requests by 40-80% and increasing the first contact resolution rate by 15-35%. RPA can also reduce the cost per ticket by 30-70% and free up 20-40% of service desk capacity for higher-value activities.

At Customer Science, we have worked with a number of organisations in the services industry such as  Anglicare and the Australian Digital Health Agency and have seen similar results.  

The top 4 reasons RPA is essential in the services industry are:

Reduced Operational Costs

RPA can lower operating costs by reducing the need for human labour, training, infrastructure and maintenance. It can also increase productivity and efficiency by performing tasks 24/7, scaling up or down as needed, and integrating with existing systems and applications.

Reduced Service Desk Contacts

RPA can reduce the volume of incoming requests by automating common queries and issues that can be resolved without human intervention. For example, it can reset passwords, update user profiles, install software updates, troubleshoot network problems and provide self-service options.

Improved Customer Experience

Automation can enhance customer satisfaction by providing faster and more consistent responses, reducing wait times and human errors, and freeing service desk agents to focus on more complex and valuable tasks. RPA can also improve customer feedback and loyalty by sending automated surveys and alerts after each interaction.

Enhanced Reporting and Analytics

RPA can provide better visibility and insight into service desk performance by collecting, analysing and presenting data on key metrics such as ticket volume, resolution time, SLA compliance, customer satisfaction and agent utilisation. It can also generate automated reports and dashboards to help service desk managers monitor trends, identify issues, optimise processes and make informed decisions.


Robotic Process Automation is a powerful tool that can help transform service organisations by automating various tasks and processes. RPA can help service providers achieve higher efficiency, quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction while reducing costs and risks.

However, RPA implementation requires careful planning, testing, governance and change management to ensure success and sustainability.

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Written by Jacko Smit, Automation

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