CX buyers insights report

CX Buyers Insights Report

The Customer Show has commissioned and important report, entitled The CX Buyers Insights Report, that shows insights of what is most important to C-Level to Team level. You can download the buyers insights report here.

Key Findings

While there is a lot to cover in the report the key findings were:

  • 72% of people say Data matter: Having centralised data across the increasingly complex technology stack in real time is critical to analytics and operations in contact centres. A unified view of the customer is called out as key along with accurate measures.
  • 66% of respondents priorities customer journey mapping investments in 2022.
  • The contact centre is the customer advocate with more than double the view of customer importance that other departments. Making it a logical place to operate a Voice of the Customer programs in your organisation.
  • Insights and Service design are considered the best tools to manage CX.

How Customer Science Group can help

With our years of expertise helping customers transform and improve their Customer Experience, along with the insights gained from the CX Buyers Insights Report, we can help your organisation in several ways:
  • CXIaaS centralises contact centre and CX data from over 130+ data points in real time and to a centralised dashboard. It collects and transforms data, publishing it to a centralised database so it is accessible via a BI visualisation too or by your company BI tools.
  • Customer Journey Mapping: Customer Science Group can help businesses map out their customer journey and identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • Customer Research: Customer Science Group can conduct research to help businesses better understand their customers’ needs, expectations, and preferences.
  • Customer Experience Strategy: Customer Science Group can develop a customer experience strategy that is tailored to a business’s unique needs and goals.
  • Employee Training: Customer Science Group can provide training to employees to help them develop the skills needed to deliver exceptional customer experiences.
  • Voice of Customer Programs: Customer Science Group can help businesses implement Voice of Customer programs to gather feedback and insights from customers and use this information to improve their customer experience.
  • Service Design: we are specialists at designing practical services solution that embed a sustainable benefit to your organisation.
  • Operationalising strategy and optimising your CX services weather they are digital, face to face or in a contact centre.


Overall, the CX Buyers Insight Report highlights the importance of prioritizing customer experience as a key driver of business success. Customer Science Group can help businesses achieve this by providing insights, strategies, and training to help them create exceptional customer experiences that drive loyalty and advocacy. To find out more, get in touch with us to talk to an expert about these insights.

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