Staff Engagement – Why Should You Care?

Our CEO, Todd Gorsuch was recently invited to speak at LivePro’s Annual Forum on the importance of employee engagement.

Did you know that Australia has one of the highest percentages of “not engaged” employees in the world?

While employee engagement can often be overlooked, it can drive big changes to your bottom line when improvements are made.

Employee benefits include better health – unengaged employees are twice as likely to suffer from depression; and better performance – employees work harder, earn more, and have better career opportunities.

Business benefits include lower absenteeism, lower employee attrition, higher productivity and higher sales.

And let’s break down some conventional wisdoms:

– A funky work environment does not lead to engagement – Google has one of the coolest offices around and even let’s their staff spend one day a week on their ‘passion project’.  Their attrition rate is 30%

– A big brother approach does not lead to disengagement – High performers complained when monitoring, 1:1 frequency and coaching decreased.  They love learning, recognition and motivation.

– Technology is not a threat to engagement – The right technology can improve engagement such as knowledge management solutions that make it easy for staff to access what they need, they feel more knowledgable and happy in their work.

If employee engagement is on your radar, please reach out for a no obligation chat with our team of experts and see how we can help your organisation. 

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