Technology Company Australian Office Outsourcing

A local Australian presence for your CX or service technology sales and services

We provide a local capability to market, sell, architect, support and manage your technology solution in Australia


What we do

As a customer experience, services and digital transformation company with process, technology and people solutions we have a deep understanding of the local technology market. As a result, we are able to provide very specialist local services to support software technology companies seeking to grow and deliver services in the local region. 

Our technology company Australian Office Outsourcing service provides your software technology company the coverage of critical services to enable software sales in the region. We offer:

  • Asia time zone services: to be responsive to your local customer needs
  • Presence: with office space and a phone number, we can act as your local office
  • Talent: with service technology experts on staff we can supply pre-sales solution architects, post-sales professionals and support services, project management services, and locally tailored marketing and sales to cover all your local office resource needs
  • Vendor Channel enablement: with strong vendor relationships we are able to establish the right vendor channel to enable local services
  • Distribution: we can manage local licensing and distribution into the channel network so the commercials are all managed effectively
  • Customer success: we have consulting capabilities and technology to wrap around software to ensure it is applied effectively to gain customer value and sustainable adoption

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