PCI Pal Australian Office Enablement

Providing local skills to implement and service the Asia market, enabling regional growth



PCI Pal is a highly successful cloud based PCI compliant payment software provider. It provides its software on the agent desktop, on phone systems and digitally for customers. By providing PCI compliant payments out of the box the software’s demand has been high, including in Australia. Pre-covid PCI pal had considered sending head office staff to Australia, something that became impossible. So they sought a local partner who could provide the skills to successfully deliver local projects.


Customer Science designed a model for PCI Pal to have a dedicated resource locally to manage projects. The model allowed PCI Pal to have access to a resource at any time, keeping someone available for key times and having the ability to elastically scale the service as needed. This model has delivered several successful projects and is now partnering to market the services locally.

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