Customer Science Group acquire Value Management Consulting to unite services

Customer Science Group acquire Value Management Consulting and unite services.

Customer Science Group and Value Management Consulting (VMC) are pleased to announce the merger, uniting as a single entity under Customer Science Group. VMC will maintain its exceptional services, upheld by the same outstanding talent. Together, this enables us to offer enhanced value, assisting you in achieving your visions for business, digital transformation, and customer experience.

Value Management Consulting specialises in guiding organisations to understand and realise the business value of their corporate strategy and transformation investments. High performing organisations harness this alignment of values and business objectives to improve customer experience, digital transformation, and organisational performance. This approach integrates well with Customer Science Group’s capability and mission to help Australian organisations bring to life customer and digital vision.

VMC was established in 2013 as a boutique consulting organisation, designed to provide services to organisations looking to improve business value. The team has helped Government Agencies, universities, NFP and companies to improve the benefits they provide all Australians. They have been enlisted to assess the value of large national and state policies & programs to continuously improve citizen services and Australian economic benefit.

In recent years Customer Science Group has partnered with VMC to deliver practical solutions in digital health and government services, supporting better data management and outcomes for the community. 

Together we offer substantially more. For VMC clients, this merger means enhanced depth in capability and the capacity to implement wider and more extensive solutions. For Customer Science Group clients, it significantly augments our CX Consulting and Management Consulting services, integrating data driven performance alignment to ensure company, customer and community value is delivered, even in the most challenging of environments. Ultimately, our merger helps us deliver a more comprehensive solution set that progresses our mission, to help you bring to life your digital and customer vision and global leading services.

This expansion of our offerings represents a further opportunity to collaborate with us on comprehensive transformation projects, leveraging a team of experts who are well-versed not only in your industry but also intimately familiar with your business.


It’s business as usual. From a client perspective, there will be no impact on projects currently underway. We will reach out to arrange a meeting with you and present an overview of our expanded solutions, enabling you to leverage them in support of your strategic plans.

Should you have any questions or wish to connect sooner please reach out to: –

Customer Science Group  CEO, Todd Gorsuch | 0401 771 006 |                                                             

Value Management Consulting Principal, Peter Harrison | 0418 6060 333 |


We look forward to connecting and helping make a meaningful difference, togethe

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