The Value of Local CX in Victoria

The Value of Local Customer Experience in Victoria, Knowledge and Solutions.

Victoria, Australia has seen a significant rise in the demand and attention given to Customer Experience (CX) in recent years. This trend can be attributed to the state’s unique make-up. In this latest article, Rachel highlights the challenges and the solutions on offer right now.

With its diverse and dynamic landscape, bustling urban centres, picturesque coastal regions, and fertile agricultural areas, Victoria provides businesses with a richness of consumer demographics and preferences, which allows businesses to thrive when leveraging local and state-level insights.

On the flip side, Victoria has also had its challenges from economic to population growth, student engagement, and workplace planning, to information security and privacy. Addressing these complexities involves managing many factors like inflation and rising cost to serve models, building resilience against climate change, and supporting renewable energy strategies adapting to digital transformation while ensuring online safety, expanding infrastructure due to population growth, and tackling workforce shortages, especially in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and in rural areas, these factors all play a role.

These challenges have led to an increased focus on tailoring customer experiences to meet the specific needs and expectations of local communities and organisations alike.

Over the last 3 years, Customer Science Group has invested in Victoria’s status as a major economic hub in Australia and has attracted businesses keen on tapping into the state’s vibrant market. As a result, there has been a growing emphasis on understanding and addressing the unique customer experience requirements of Victorians.

As a team, we’ve facilitated energy providers in improving customer support during weather-related service disruptions, connected them with third-party solutions for self-service tools and faster-assisted care, supported industries affected by lockdowns in designing more efficient service models, and actively participated in organisations’ procurement processes, from writing RFPs to coaching internal teams for sustainable strategic partnerships and transition activities.

We have also aided organisations that have experienced considerable growth recently in transforming their operations towards a sustainable future through the assessment and implementation of enhanced service models and capabilities.

Our focus on specialised CX consultancy has been supported by new technologies, which enables us to lead a data-driven and highly collaborative process facilitating well-informed decisions that deliver local customer contentment and bolster competitiveness across the country. If you’d like to explore what this looks like for your business, connect with me here

Written by Rachel Stenning

Source related article: VIC Government 

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