Enabling successful working from home

Working from home is not a new concept but certainly working from home on this scale is new and unchartered territory for some organisations.

Due to the rapid evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic world-wide, organisations were given merely weeks to prepare for this new normal, which would see many businesses close and others working remotely for the foreseeable future.

Challenges we are seeing so far:

  • Technology for handling customer enquiries from home has been rushed and as a result needs tailoring to be more effective
  • How do we manage our teams from home so they remain motivated, effective and responsive to customers?
  • Security, Privacy and Work Health and Safety policies have been a secondary thought or have not yet been put in place
  • With customers taking more of their queries online or to call centres, how do you scale up and down your workforce to sustain surge volumes?
  • How do we ensure call centre agents can share and access knowledge to make sure their answers are accurate and effective to customers?

We have developed the following tools to help solve those challenges:

  • Reporting and Governance for work from home
  • Data Security, Privacy & Work Health and Safety rapid assessment
  • Rapid Response Contact Centre Service
  • Rapid Response technology platform with knowledge as a service, skill verifying and optimising use so we know the customer is getting accurate and consistent answers

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