Employee Experience in Aged Care

Employee Experience is the Key to Success in Aged Care.

Unlocking the full potential of your aged care service centres on recognising that a satisfied and engaged workforce is an essential ingredient for customer satisfaction. In this article, Christine shares how prioritising employee experience cultivates a positive work environment, leading to improved care quality and organisational success.

Your employees are your most valuable asset and contribute substantially to your being able to deliver a great customer experience. As we all know ‘happy employees make happy customers’.

Care sector leaders know the importance of focussing on the customer for organisational profitability but can overlook the role played by their employees. Satisfied and engaged employees are more likely to provide compassionate care, leading to improved consumer satisfaction. A positive work environment fosters employee retention and enhances the organisation’s reputation, attracting new talent and potential new customers. Also, investing in your employee experience shows your organisation values its people, leading to increased productivity, teamwork and overall organisational success.

Trust & Empowerment – The trust your employees have in the organisation and your trust in them results in employee empowerment which improves organisational profitability. Empowering employees to take initiative and make decisions leads to motivated employees, more creativity, promotes collaboration and improves retention.

Communication and Feedback: Open and transparent communication channels enable employees to feel comfortable sharing feedback knowing management will be responsive to their concerns. The voice of the employee survey gathers information on employee wants, needs and expectations and helps them feel heard.

Organisational Leadership: Strong and compassionate leaders create a culture in which everyone understands the employee experience is a collective responsibility. Leaders that embrace diversity, promote an inclusive workplace, understand employee needs and provide clear direction foster a positive and supportive workplace culture and a sense of belonging and purpose.

Values Alignment: When employee values are aligned with company vision you create a company culture with an experience mindset. Connect employees to the organisation by setting clear goals with well-defined milestones and success metrics. As when employees feel valued and core to the organisation’s vision this results in increased revenue.

Employee Recognition: Recognising and appreciating employee contribution and success boost morale and motivation. Employees who believe their success will be recognised are more likely to be highly engaged. This is increased when combined with identifying and nurturing employee potential as well as giving them the skills they need to grow.

Innovation & Technology: Using innovative technology to streamline processes and improve efficiency can reduce employee workflow ‘friction’. Improve systems and processes and reduce the number of technology systems an employee must navigate to ensure employees are enabled to be productive with reduced effort. Saving an employee time and making their work easier for them delivers improved employee experience as well as great customer outcomes.

People are attracted to organisations that provide a great employee experience. Places where they feel valued and are enabled to do meaningful work. Reengineering your employee experience around the above key drivers that shape employee perceptions, job satisfaction and overall well-being can create a positive employee experience and positively impact your employee attraction and retention activity.

In closing, prioritising employee well-being isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the key to thriving in aged care. Let’s commit to enhancing the employee experience, fostering a culture of care, and reaping the rewards of improved quality and organisational success.

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Written by Christine Davis, Specialist Consultant, Customer Science Group.

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