DMA Governance and Performance


Where strategy and policy guides good work, achieving the desired outcomes, depends on good business performance and strong business governance. Improved business performance is facilitated by arriving at a clear understanding of business’s goals, risks, and strategies. Performance and benefit measurement provides the mechanism which informs your business of the success of your corporate direction and strategy. Knowing what to measure, how to measure it, and how to report it is what leads to effective benefit and performance realisation.

We can assist you to establish the governance frameworks required for implementing policies, programs and project governance, consulting on optimising business-as-usual good practice, and improving organisational performance. By confirming the regulatory and reporting business context, determining structure, roles and responsibilities, developing guiding concepts and processes you can drive business value, reducing risk and improving quality and services.

Performance scorecards and benefits management frameworks that link to the information requirements of the organisation ensure that the effectiveness of corporate and business plans is enhanced.  Changes in business focus and drivers can be properly reflected, while ensuring currency is maintained with regard to industry standards, benchmarks, and customer expectations.

We conduct reviews, assessments, health checks, analyses and evaluations of and for clients for a range of business reasons. These can include status reviews, operational reviews, implementation reviews and performance reviews. Our aim with all types of reviews is to provide factual reporting against documented needs and to recommend appropriate actions

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