Our Information Management Services 


Organisations live by their information. But in this era of rapidly expanding “big data”, most organisations struggle to utilise their information effectively.  In the absence of effective information management it becomes increasingly difficult to respond to competitive business pressures. 

Opportunities to improve customer service, increase agility and optimise operations are missed. Effective Information Management is facilitated by Information Technology to support Business Operations and inform Corporate Direction. We are specialists in understanding and bridging these areas of business.  

Information Management encompasses the concepts, functions and frameworks needed to manage information in all of its forms (structured, unstructured, spatial, digital, hard copy etc) throughout the information lifecycle, so that everyone in an organisation has a common understanding of the scope, nature, meaning, boundaries and location of their information.   

Information Management is our core discipline and domain of expertise.  We have performed many hundreds of information management and strategy assignments. 

For us, information is a corporate resource, and must be managed like all other business assets if its value is to be maximised. The coverage of our information management expertise is summarised in the diagram below.