Event Recap: Where to start with Digital Transformation

Earlier this week we welcomed a number of our clients at a workshop focusing on digital transformation.

First up, digital transformation does not mean digital only or digital preferred – it’s about designing smart, streamlined services and designed from a customer perspective.

Getting started with your digital transformation can be an overwhelming task but it pays to break it down into smaller activities:

Identify scope: The scope of digital transformation can be huge, so we really need to focus.

Assess digital maturity: This exercise will tell you where you are starting from but also where you are wanting to get to.

Work out where to start: Once you have a clear idea of what you are transforming, you can start to prioritise where to start.  Try using a digital prioritisation matrix

Colin has a wealth of experience taking organisations on digital transformation journeys.  Reach out today to have a conversation about where to start with your organisation.

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