Team Member Spotlight: Matthew’s experience and first impressions of the Australian market

A little bit about me, I am from the UK and arrived on Aussie shores permanently in March 2020, 14 hours before the travel lockdowns came in force!, I’m from the UK, where I was the EMEA leader for Services and Engineering at Automation Anywhere where I joined the team as employee No.4. Myself and 3 sales guys on the ground grew the business from the 4 man team to a diverse and highly skilled team of over 200 people in the space of 3 years, racking up major household names in each industry space. Prior to this I held various senior leadership roles at Santander Bank.

My journey this year has been interesting, thanks mainly to the pandemic, which not only disrupted daily lives, but also caused a massive shift in the way companies view work, it forced companies to rapidly re-evaluate their plans and led to a massive investment in companies digital strategies, and reassessment of risks and scaling plans.

This, in turn, exacerbated the need for companies to question how they operate and how they can scale in a robust and secure way, which ultimately has led to more and more looking to software robots for support – indirectly seeing the leading companies values almost doubling in the past 12 months.

I’ve always understood that ANZ is around 2-3 years behind the rest of the world in the tech space, since being down here and talking to numerous CXO level executives across a variety of industries it is clear that this is accurate.

I find most companies are going through the same challenges that I was seeing a few years ago. Maybe this is as Australia seems to be built around a set of duopolies that are really just starting to push their digital transformations… I feel Customer Science is well placed to help our clients ‘bring their digital vision to life’ by helping clients embrace intelligent automation to transform their businesses.

I’m looking forward to the ride ahead, & getting to know the team much better.

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