ProHance Launches Partnership With Customer Science Group

Sydney, 24 June 2024 – ProHance, a new-age workplace analytics and operations enablement platform, has announced that it has partnered with Sydney-headquartered customer experience and digital transformation company, Customer Science Group, to offer ProHance’s award-winning solutions for its rapidly growing customer base across Australia and New Zealand.

ProHance’s technology platform enables organisations to gain actionable insights into their operations, optimise workforce productivity, streamline processes, and enhance decision-making capabilities. By leveraging advanced analytics, automation, and real-time monitoring, ProHance empowers organisations to achieve operational excellence and drive sustainable growth.

Todd Gorsuch, CEO, Customer Science Group, said, “Customer Science Group is committed to helping organisations realise their customer and digital vision with services and solutions that change Australians’ lives.  In recent years, our clients have been asking how to support their hybrid workforce to become productive, successful and effectively plan for the right headcount for service delivery. 

“ProHance’s seamless integration into our overall consultancy services offering is a logical step.  Their ongoing investment in supporting innovation delivers productivity gains of around 15-20 per cent when processes can be optimised and people supported for success.  At the same time, their ongoing product strategy aligns perfectly with our core values of providing excellent service and support.  Our customers can now look forward to working with us in optimising their workforce without technology compromise and bringing their customer and digital vision to life.”

While Customer Science Group has traditionally consulted with companies and recommended reporting tools that provide a single view of service in real time, ProHance will now reinforce this services offering with a solution which will enable Customer Science Group customers to view their workforce planning and monitoring beyond the call centre to drive continuous improvement, optimise their workforce and ultimately drive customer and employee satisfaction.  

Goruch says, “ProHance is a compelling solution for Australian enterprises.  Its ability to monitor performance for non-phone work also provide insights which support productivity gains, better employee engagement and greater customer satisfaction.  More importantly for Customer Science Group, we can link these analytics into value management where we can illustrate that work delivered directly calibrates to the purpose and vision of the organisation. In some cases, this means safer roads, healthier Australians, or better economic outcomes so ProHance technology can really be very meaningful.”

ProHance supports its partners with extensive training that is tailored to their specific roles. The partner program includes sales, marketing and professional services training in the form of in person, online and working with existing customer deployments on site.

Brendan Maree, Vice President and Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand, ProHance said, “As ProHance expands its Australian market footprint as a preferred choice for enterprise workforce planning, our channel partners continue to play a critical role in helping our customers take employee and customer engagement to a superior level. 

“Customer Science Group is an ideal partner for ProHance in Australia and New Zealand, and their management team exemplifies our shared values of delivering innovative solutions and customer service.  We’re excited to drive great results for our customers and mutual business success through collaboration and tapping into their specialist expertise and exemplary track record of success in designing and operationalising customer experience and digital vision.”

About ProHance

ProHance is a leading provider of omni-channel operations management solutions, offering a comprehensive platform to optimise back-office, chat, and email servicing operations. With real-time visibility and data-driven insights, ProHance empowers organisations to achieve operational excellence. With a global presence and a proven track record, ProHance is committed to delivering high-quality solutions to enterprises across various industries. ProHance boasts a track record of success with over 350,000 users across 150 enterprises in 25 countries, facilitating operational excellence for organisations worldwide. 

About Customer Science Group

Customer Science Group helps you deliver world leading services by bringing to life your vision for Customer and Digital Experience. Powered by a team of practitioners each with award winning deep experience, passionate about making a difference. They can take your vision & its benefits from idea, market research and service design through to operational delivery where we can lock in performance through management, people, process, and technology consulting & professional services. With our client commitment to delivering measurable results at a rapid return on investment and sustainability of solution, our clients enjoy great customer satisfaction levels that support their organisational objectives.

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