Introducing Virtual CIO

Is your IT service feeling a little stretched lately?

With a reasonable percentage of the workforce now working from home for the foreseeable future, this has put pressure on many aspects of running a business.

Your IT area has most likely been stretched over the last few months with the impact of remote working. The need to quickly implement a new way of working for many of your staff may mean projects like digitally transforming your business have taken a back seat. Even though a great customer experience is now more important than ever.

Explore Virtual CIO further

The below graphic from shows that 2 out of the top 3 business priorities relate to IT, showing the importance of a well-performing IT function. If the last few months have stretched your IT team are they and your technology partners still a well performing function?

Similarly Bain and Company identified the top priorities for CEOs nearly all of which rely on the IT team and partners working effectively and efficiently together.

Has your remote workforce has put pressure on your current IT arrangements?

Many small to medium business who do not have a CIO are missing out on opportunities to maximise value from IT service contracts, have a technology plan and gain efficiencies from a well-run IT service.

If you don’t have a CIO or your IT team is stretched, would a experienced small team of former CIOs and technology specialists, who understand customer experience, how to manage partners and how to introduce new technology, working with your technology leader help you grow your business?

What does a virtual CIO do?

· Work with CEO to formulate the Technology Strategy and Implementation plan
· Ensure alignment between Technology Strategy and Business Strategy
· Independent review of Technology function performance
· Provide external advice and challenge on Technology proposals & business cases
· Provide operational advice on Technology BAU

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