How my CX internship shaped my career path

Join me as I recount my internship journey at Customer Science Group.

In this blog, I share all about the experiences, skills, and insights I gained during my internship and how the opportunity has paved the way for my career ahead.

My internship at Customer Science Group has been invaluable. It’s allowed me to dive headfirst into the workforce, see first-hand the professional world and gain practical experience that you can’t learn in university.  

The people I worked with at Customer Science Group were a highlight of my internship. Everyone was eager to share their knowledge, contributing to a fantastic company culture. A memorable moment was attending a company dinner where I had the chance to learn from others’ experiences, connect with them, and enjoy a great meal. During my induction, everyone took the time to explain the business operations, providing me with a comprehensive understanding of the company in a short period and making me feel part of the team.

One of the standout aspects of my internship was the flexibility. The company allowed me to explore different work sectors while balancing my university commitments. As my academic workload increased during the semester, the team were incredibly accommodating, allowing me to prioritise my university work and schedule meetings around my classes. This flexibility ensured I never felt overwhelmed, enabling me to juggle multiple responsibilities simultaneously. 

Over three months, I learned a great deal about business operations, delivering results, and even socialising with colleagues. The most significant takeaway from my internship was the importance of networking. Good relationships make the workplace feel like a second home and provide a supportive network of people to learn from and share experiences with.

I want to emphasise the value of internships. They offer hands-on experience and insights that cannot be taught in a classroom. My internship at Customer Science Group gave me a taste of the working world. The skills and experiences I gained during my time at Customer Science Group helped me secure my dream job as a data analyst graduate, a goal I had been striving towards for a long time. I believe my internship experience was a significant factor that potential employers found valuable.

For anyone seeking a similar experience, I highly recommend considering an internship. It’s well worth it! – Ethan Low

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