Did you miss our Panel Discussion: The impact of COVID-19 on digital transformation

We hosted our webinar on the impact COVID-19 has had on digital transformation last week with an excellent turn-out.

Key themes that were consistent from the discussion:

  • Keep remote working but remain connected to the team. Craig said to remember your introverts are thriving, but your extroverts are suffering. To help with this his team have set up a permanent zoom room for team members to log into to work or stay connected during the work day.
  • Don’t go back to old ways of working – embrace and refine the collaboration tools and technology. Peter and his team designed a new digital product and refined it in one workshop rather than five in different locations.  They used Miro board which made it a more inclusive and efficient design process.
  • Agile teams are the way forward, moving quickly and having impact. Karen said rolling out new solutions at the beginning of the pandemic quickly and efficiently has become the new expectation for future projects.

If you missed it, catch the replay here, anytime.

If you would like to talk more about how to create successful digital transformation in the new world of COVID-19 please reach out to bounce around some ideas.

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