Reviews and Evaluations


We conduct reviews, assessments, health checks, analyses and evaluations of and for clients for a range of business reasons.  Our aim with all types of reviews is to provide factual reporting against documented needs and to recommend appropriate actions.  

The main types of reviews that we conduct are:

  • Status reviews – Current position or direction of the client eg status review, needs assessment, risk assessment, literature scan, impact analysis. 

  • Operational reviews – Capability and efficiency of the organisation, to determine gaps and opportunities for change eg process review, maturity assessment, benchmark, compliance check, IT audit. 

  • Implementation reviews – How well a change to the organisation might work or has worked eg pre/post-implementation review, software evaluation, health check, options analysis. 

  • Performance reviews – Effectiveness in achieving goals or objectives eg performance report, benefits realisation 

Review Subjects

The focus it the review – its subject – depends on the needs of the client, and can cut across thematic or systematic aspects. Most commonly, our reviews have addressed the following subjects: 

  • Environment– A physical, social, or other context of the client eg competitors, government policy

  • Organisation– All or part of the organisational structure of the client eg a department, division

  • Function – Something that the organisation does eg caring for patients, building roads 

  • System/Architecture – A software application eg records management, billing

  • Concept – Any problem, issue or concern requiring review eg business benefits, new technology

  • Privacy – Personal and health information eg legislative impacts, public perception issues and consumer impacts

Review Methodology

The methodology of our reviews reflects the type and subject of each review, and will always be formulated to match client needs. Broadly however, our reviews are a comparative analysis between the intended and the actual, where the intended might or might not be explicitly stated prior to the review process.  Prior to any review we establish clarity with our client on:

  • Review Nature – What is requested by the client

  • Review Type – What kind of review, based on the purpose

  • Subject– What is being reviewed

  • Target – What the review is being measured against

After knowing this, we are able to develop a bespoke methodology that will meet the expected and anticipated needs of our clients.