Customer Thermometer – Simple yet effective


Client: “I don’t know how good or bad my customer’s satisfaction is as I’m finding it hard to get consistent responses to surveys because the survey experience is crappy/too long/too impersonal/too robotic.”

Sound familiar?

We have recently started implementing a tool for a client called Customer Thermometer for one of their IT helpdesks and it is having game changing results.

The customer gets a very simple email, formatted nicely – with four smileys – angry through to happy.  The user simply has to click one.  That’s it.  No opening a new window, followed by pages of questions.  One question, one button.

Our client rolled this out on 9 September and in the first week they got more responses than they have been getting in an entire month.  It’s all about making it simple and the customer experience good.

This allows the client to quickly respond to ‘unhappy’ responses with a phone call from a Manager within the IT team, not customer service, to understand to reason and see if they can resolve their issue.

The tool is inexpensive, integrates with all the common service desk tools which makes implementation straightforward and easy.  And while it is still early, the results are speaking for themselves.

Advice and implementation help with tools like Customer Thermometer is just one of the ways Customer Science helps our clients improve their customer satisfaction and efficiency of their IT support functions.

If IT customer satisfaction is a challenge in your organisation, please contact us for a chat, we’d love to help.